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Monday, May 7, 2012

Miss Nepal 2012 or was it Mishap Nepal 2012?

Oh I am just so sad. So sad to be seeing what I had to see yesterday. There were a million things that went wrong last night, I am only happy that the one thing that probably went absolutely right was SHRISTI SHRESTHA being crowned MISS NEPAL 2012. Now she completely deserved it and here is why.


Apart from the fact that Shristi hails from a modeling background and is definitely, without a question THEE best model Nepal has ever given birth to, Shristi also happens to be a sweetheart of a person. And just being sweet doesn’t entitle anyone to win a title as big as Miss Nepal you might ask, and I agree with you. Sweet and beauty queens don’t go together and shouldn’t go together. Beauty queens are supposed to be fierce, passionate and above all a fantastic representative to the nation and Shristi is all of that.

I was skeptical that Shristi would fail to impress Nepali judges who are so hung up on giving points to those who speak well- like it’s a debate contest or something, which is of no advantage in international pageants where only the flair and charm and the elegance and stage presence is marked. (Questions in most international beauty pageants are given beforehand so that the contestants have time to prepare for it)

I was literally 50 feet away from the stage and yet Shristi could be clearly singled out from all that distance- massive stage presence she had. And thank god for her, she gave good answers to go with it too. That crown was her to kiss and for the first time in my life really got excited for a Miss Nepal winner who would go on to make Nepal so proud in Miss World pageant. Here is hoping, Shristi will finally do the needful to put NEPAL in the map of international beauty pageants and international organizations finally take care to notice that NEPAL indeed sends fabulous representatives after all.

The Runner-ups

I always saw Nagma as the runner-up. For a height that good (she is 5.10”) and speaking abilities she would also make a very good representative for Nepal at the Miss Earth pageant and I wish her all the best.

 Shubekchha Khadka did win her spot because of her good answers and here is wishing her the best for Miss International pageant where she represents Nepal.

OK.. now comes the dirty bit …

“Mero Budi Ko Ramro Chha”…

“Mero Budi ko ramro chha”, exclaimed a guy in the audience. His friends asked, “ke ramro chha? ” and he went, “mero budi ko nighty nai ramro chha yiniharu ko bhanda.”

Sad but true. Some of the designs the girls were made to wear at Miss Nepal 2012 was just so hedious. Some of them came out wearing nighty-doubles, some ragged tatters- if they’re called designer pieces please, we’d rather have the girls wearing ready made, Bangkok imported clothes which could be much more decent to look at.

And it looked kinda unfair to contestants as some had really good attire to wear and some had to settle for trashy. A big thumbs down on the designs this year. It was sad to see girls parading around in tents in the name of gowns.

TOP SECRET INFO# I asked a designer who formerly designed beautiful clothes (not the best, and theres a reason, keep reading) for miss Nepal contestants as to why “IT”(cant mention the gender here lol) didn’t design clothes for the girls this time. And “IT” went, “Miss Nepal never gives money. They are yet to clear my dues from previous years. Why work for free?”

Absolutely agree with what “IT” had to say. I mean, designers are artists really and god knows, Nepal don’t lack talented, gifted designers. But why would they want to pull off making that many dresses for free? Shouldn’t their talent be duly paid? And where does all that BIG sponsored money go to? No wonder even the selected designers make below mediocre designs because HELLO that is what you get for trying to make people work for free.

And also this time, I heard that each contestants would be getting their own designers and this piece of info had all our hopes escalated. How ruthlessly it was thrashed last night. MISS NEPAL DESIGNS, GOWNS, DRESSES SUCKED BIG TIME (except for a few).

The Venue

When I first heard that this time Miss Nepal would be held Hotel De’l Annapurna’s pool side, I imagined the event to be elegant and classy. Classy.... my backside.

I am sorry for the language and I am sure you can sense my fury here because please, Miss Nepal has been doing this same damn thing for more than 15-16 years now. And why does after all this time, do they still muddle up and make an event this respected and this hyped- the trashiest event of the year?
Miss Nepal the most glamorous event of the year – they call themselves. Ermm not really please wake up and smell the fury , dear organizers. How can you make the same mistakes year and year and year again is what I don’t understand.

·      The sitting arrangement looked like it was some bhoj-bhater ceremony of some kind. Like a bunch of dohori groups would soon be sitting on the stage in two divisions and start doing their business. Not so classy eh!
·      And even if one would compromise on the sitting arrangements I don’t understand why more passes were printed than its sitting capacity. People were standing because of unavailability of seats. Not so classy.
·      The stage was bad. I mean it was so , you know, school-functions-have-better-stage-than-that types. I at least assumed that it mustve looked good on TV but NO, people who watched the event on TV had the same notion.
·      And you wont believe the sight at the dinner party. Just check out the photo below. Not so classy again.

Miss Nepal after-show dinner party had a serpentine line -perhaps one that was longer from all the lines outside petrol pumps- waiting their turns to grab a bite of the Annapurna food. No thankyou!

The Emcees

TOP SECRET INFO: I met the main guy from the sound system and I asked him, what is wrong with the emcees mic today and he said, “Kei bhachhaina. Mic on nagari bolepachhi testai ho”. Hmm.. so who is to blame whom here. That still is top secret.

“We have one more SLOT to go “ said Sahana, when announcing the top-10 contestants which just didn’t sound right but apart from that I personally believe she did a fairly good job. Biraj on the other hand is a sweetheart of a boy, but in my harshly honest opinion he was just too young to host the show. He is only 20 and his voice still sounds a bit kiddish and immature and well not too manly compared to the emceeing giants of the country like Asish or Prasan Syangden. Biraj, I have no doubts will make the best emcee  in town in a few years and is superb in hosting concerts perhaps but not an event like Miss Nepal.

Other flaws
·      Bad performances, I really don’t understand what they were trying to do there. Perhaps if you start paying artistes the money they are entitled to, good performers will come forth to be a part of Miss Nepal. 

·      The lighting effects would’ve been better if they’d not attempted to do anything at all. Nepal has a long way to go when it comes to stage lightings, settings and sound.

·      Talking about sound, we all know how the mic went off like a hundred times.

·      The final background score when Miss Nepals were being crowned was just so pathetic. It was the music score from the movie star wars … so yeah please someone  or the one who decided on the music care to explain to me the relation between STAR WARS and BEAUTY PAGEANTS??

·      The miss Nepal event was about 2 hours- the ads lasted for one-and-a-half-hours perhaps. I mean wouldn’t it be better if some performances were put up than play the same ad over and over and over again? What is up with that. Oh I know, on a second thought though, with performances that bad they’d rather have us watch the ads instead.

MISS NEPAL being taken for granted, perhaps!
Accept it or not, Miss Nepal is definitely the most talked about event of the year in Nepali media after - I don’t know, the PM elections? But that keeps happening every 2 months or so … (sarcasm intended ;) ), so yeah, I would say as a journalist myself that MISS NEPAL is thee most hyped event in the Nepalese calendar.

 I saw two huge, super VIP looking cars from Srilankan embassy that had come to be a part of the show and god knows how many other internationally affiliated people/organizations were there in the audience last night.

So when a show that is supposed to be elegant, classy and top-notch event of the year puts up an act like it did yesterday, it is not just hidden treasure that has to be ashamed , the appaling show was rather a big blow on faces of all Nepalis who expect the standards of show business to improve each year but which seems to be unfortunately going down.

Lessons to be learnt
I have watched better shows than that here in Nepal which are well managed. Perhaps its time hidden treasure give away (if its so difficult for them) their management bit to be handled by some other “young but experienced ” team the next time.

There are ads playing over and over and over again which signifies the presence of a huge pool of sponsors. But where does all that money go if youre not paying the working designers, the emcees or not even properly sponsoring the winning contestants. (Fact# last years emcees hosted the event for free)

Hopefully a lot of investment will be done in our three representatives in making them international -beauty-pageant ready and not be another Nepali contestant without proper clothes to wear and well stuff like that.

Open air, outdoors venue doesn’t work. Proven from last night so please switch back to indoors venue with extravagant, fabulous set and stage the next time.

There are a thousand talented artistes in the country and how come you choose acts like those to be staged on national TV ? Please , I say please from depth of my soul to wisely select your performers the next time. If announcing the three winners was the only purpose of Miss Nepal then you could have it done within your four walls. If youre promising us of a glamorous event then give us one. The ENTERTAINMENT factor was missing big time. Hopefully the boredom of an event that happened last night that catapulted in half the audience walking out of the show in the middle of the program will not be repeated.

I believe the panel of judges should be thoroughly briefed on how to mark the contestants. Selecting miss nepals just for their answers alone would’ve made sense if the winners did not go to international platforms to represent our country. But that is not the case. High marks should be given to girls who stand out on stage, who are tall and look presentable. Conversing abilities should be judged to some extent but should never be the ultimate deciding factor for a winner. You want our girls to bring home international titles? Then select good representatives please.

And lastly but  most importantly, hidden treasure or any other mentors and gurus of Miss Nepal, should definitely keep away from interacting with the contestants parents or family of any kind. When the anti-pageant women groups come protesting the most used phrase to tackle them is “these are girls above 18 and have full rights to make their choices in a democratic country exercising freedom of their right of choice”.

 So taking this into consideration, families should be out of these contest. They should be barred from meeting the organizers because those who wish to meet them are sure to lure them in the favour of their daughter which is not fair. Please parents stay out of these pageants. If your daughters made the decision to particpate then all you should really be doing is having her back and supporting her morally and emotionally and not going about everywhere preaching and talking to judges to favor your daughter. this is a PATHETIC trend, that should absolutely stop.

I Say what I Say ... 
I know its super easy to just come around for a few hours and pass a judgement on something that has been worked on for days or months perhaps (which didnt look like it though). But despite of my alliance with Hidden Treasure as a former contestant and a judge to one of the rounds for MISS NEPAL 2012, all i can really say is criticisms should be taken positively. And i know i am speaking for so many out there with what I have written and although my respect for people in hidden treasure remains unfaltered, I realy believe its time to pull up your socks, pants, shoes- whatever you have now. There are two types of critics 1. who says mean things just to hurt  and 2. who does points out flaws only so it can be corrected the next time. I have nothing but the highest respect for Miss Nepal pageant and it would be only fair if the pageant equally respected the value we give to miss Nepal by giving us  not just a good set of contestants (which you did btw, kudos for that) but also a good show. 

Finally, to end things on a lighter note

For the first time in a beauty pageant  (I can assure you it has never happened because of the fact that I am such a big fan of pageants), for the first time ever though…. I was so unattentive to whatever that was going on stage (and hence very less photos for this blog update). For the first 30 minutes I had my eyes glued on the stage but the event couldn’t hold my attention for long due to the sound defects and other afore mentioned mishaps. People started walking out and I was just chatting up with my friends most of the time. I only waited so long to see who’d win.

But four things that stood out for me in the pageant were,

Miss Nepal 2011 Malina Joshi’s speech . Very well spoken.

Malina’s gown. Oh it was just so lovely and she was looking dazzling in it. I wonder who designed it.

Miss Nepal 2010 Sadichha Shrestha’s question. She asked “Would you be okay to marry a guy who would rather stay home and look after the house and have you work and earn money instead”? now that was an interesting question which even the audience applauded. Thumbs up for a witty question like that.

And finally the crowning moment where someone so deserving as Shirsti adorned the beautiful title of MISS NEPAL 2012 was my cheering point. Here is wishing all the three girls the best of luck and hopefully I will write something on international pageants and what our representatives (winners) should look forward to in those pageants.
Thanks for reading folks please leave your comments if you have any down below. Until later, cherio :) 


  1. classy, my back side..he he he i like dat :D

    1. lol glad you liked it Amrit .. thankyou so much :)

  2. very well written sam.. loved every words!!! :) :) keep up the good work :)

  3. who arranged the music?the very first music was from 20th century fox production..It is the opening theme music of 20th century fox production.i was like really??

  4. nice recollection.......I missed the event but after reading this, I think, I don't regret missing it. And indeed thumbs up to the winner; hope she represents Nepal well.

  5. exactly i so agree with you here... even i was so disappointed with the way miss Nepal was organized and the stage as small as that, how embarrassing. actually i was expecting this years miss Nepal to be a huge one, because of all those very beautiful tall and well toned participants but alas after all its Nepal. but still i am happy that shristi shrestha is our new miss nepal history ko sabse ramri sweet(not that i know her personally but i did stalk her so yeah) and tall miss nepal. i just hope she gets support from Nepal ko sponsors? or who ever it is because we really expect a lot like a hell lot from her. all the best :)
    - p.s manila joshi after yesterdays speech of yours i respect you even more. you totally inspired me, that was like a tight slap to those who criticized you all along and evn had the guts to say tht you dint deserve the title...you were looking gorgeous <3

  6. so very true words n thumbs 4 this blog :) i was so excited to watch this event and was frequently talking about the show with my friends. but when i saw it live in television , i was shocked....dammm "what kind of stage is this???" and the technical problems as you mentioned were so so on top, which were more in focus rather than the contestants. hope the management team fell the same and will improve it in coming years.As you said i too loved the farewell speech of ms.malina joshi,miss nepal 2011 and that interesting question of sakikshya shrestha :)....
    p.s: i liked the way you criticize the facts in a positive way , keep on blogging :)

  7. I couldn't watch the event because of loads of assignments, and after reading your review, I am glad I missed it. I had talked with my friend about it and they has said it was quite messy. So, thanks for writing genuine review.

    Congratulation to all the winners, especially, Shristi Shrestha. She deserved it. We have high expectations from her in Miss World 2012.

  8. Hmm... going by your post I assume I missed a pretty darn good debacle of a show (pun intended).
    Of the many topics you touched upon, one point which I completely agree to is, the fact that a girl shouldn't be chosen as a winner based on an answer alone. I mean if it's beauty pageant, beauty quotient should also be equally emphasized. After all, it's Miss Nepal - beauty pageant not some extempore speech contest.

    Loved your honest, no nonsense assessment. The “We have one more SLOT to go “ line was just kick-ass :)hope the word was pronounced as "Slot" & not something else(pun very much intended).

    You go girl and keep us posted

  9. :O in a country with the likes of Prabal Gurungs, designers go unpaid for the national level event intended to represent Nepal in international events! why can't we be professional about our acts?

  10. Your blog resembles my comments that were on the go while watching Miss Nepal yesterday on TV. Needless to say, I fully agree with whatever you have pointed out!!!

  11. well written (:
    really appreaciated!

  12. marvellous write-up..hope the organizers have guts to digest the fact and improve next time..and not just give excuses for whatever went wrong..

  13. Good post here. Hope the organizers take these constructively. Some more disappointments: Too commercialized event - with even the crown being sponsored. Total lack of creativity and originality - how can an event of such level start with 20th Century Fox theme music. I mean, what were they even thinking? Come on guys, we all are able to do things better than this.

  14. Sad but true!!! every year its the same problem !! umm!! we must check the accounts of organizers, the designer's pay must have ended in their pockets !! and one thing i hate the most in every miss Nepal contest is the dance program .. every year they make some group to dance and it gets worse every time ... they must stop it or make some pro- groups to dance!! :@
    by the way this article is interesting & i would love to see it in newspapers or magazine. so that many ppl will knw abt it and hope there will be some change next time!!

  15. yes thats true , When you dont get a place to sit, you get embarrased,(thats sad) so the only option you have is to blame others.
    If you know a lot about the event management then why didn't you come on stage spoke against the organizers. If you are a musical guru then you must have heard 'bout royalty free music as well. if yes then the dj must have been sued, the organizer should be sued, all the participants must be sued who walked on the ramp and the whole nation must be sued who witnessed the show including YOU!!! On the other hand, if you are soooooooo much knowledable about beauty pageants, then why did you stood THIRD in Miss Nepal???? Do you think you're a master of Light' sound and choreography and event management then why didn't you become Lightwoman, Djane or a choreographer???? Learn to appreciate the hardwork of the people from different sectors who put the whole show together rather than you stand there and criticizing about the things you are clueless. I feel this time the Miss Nepal Show was way too good compared to past shows. The lighting was superb. The important thing what I loved was that the way, the organizers tried to do this time.Something, totally different!!!!!

    1. Yeah, that's my point, we nepalese are too much accustomed to blazing Hollywood and the likes, we can’t even appreciate or more precisely value all the efforts put on by our fellowmen. Thumbs up, to your reply to this particular blogpost.

    2. Its sad how 'your mother' is not able to distinguish between constructive criticism and downright rude criticism .If he thinks that we should appreciate and celebrate the 'remarkable improvement' that unraveled as the show proceeded, he merely underestimates the potential of the organizers. i guess the blogger realizes our actual potential and is saddened that things were not heading according to what she had expected.and yes, may i ask you, is it wrong to expect that we nepalese can really do good events,much better than the last one?Why do you even assume that we are comparing ourselves to the foreign lands when we talk about improvement!!??I certainly dont think that our positions is so bad that talking about betterment may lead someone to think about 'comparisions'!!!
      Plus,its no wonder you mistook her language after reading your post('then why did you 'stood' THIRD in Miss Nepal?' ahm..).
      and oh my..you dont know the blogger bagged the 'best personality' title in an international stage??? the winners who did 'stood' first in miss nepal did not get any titles whatsoever. ermm so next time..research a little, get the understanding that some criticisms are not meant to jeopardize others but to correct them(if you can understand what that means!.), work on your language ...and voila..your comments/posts will not go unheard. :)

  16. Funny that the event was showcasing so much of animal conservation with W-W-F and I-U-C-N while one judge was brandishing his elephant tail hair bracelet on live national television.

  17. Lets show rays of light sam......nt Loadseddin in darkness.....ya lot to b improved in comin days.....n sam abt dat army, family dats a wrong claim .......i did fr u too n got thnx in ur event.....anwy feelin good to hv ur blog........

  18. Daemmm... This drama filled blog helped my pass 2hrs at the airport with ease.. Now I can go to New York with fresh head.. Good job Samriddhi..
    I would love to see more critics like you in years to come ahead... CHEERRSSS...

  19. Afterall , the decisions were fair as you said.....that's good that's what the main thing.And surely lighting/ sound / and event spot looked so horrible.Hope will get better next year.Samriddhi didi tapaiharu kai JIMMA HO NI TO MAKE IT BETTER N BETTER HAINA RA? :)

  20. Well , without crtiticism and critics, improvements and success in anything is unachievable and we still need to learn from this. I felt this post can be a booster for event organizer and other management power holder. Not to be skeptic but I also felt the show was way too low standard. Sound system was like " am I indeed viewing Miss Nepal Grand show?". Lighting effect was not bad. But, the most part which I noticed about this MISS NEPAL CONTEST was that, as it's for the title for top among Nepal Unmarried gals, there was not a single property in the whole event which describes it as a Nepali Show. Apart of Name of the contestants, there was nothing distinct showing the NEPALIPAN in any rounds.
    Previously, to answer in Nepali was given as an option but this time , I was being witness of a show which was named Nepali but seems like a totally out of area show. To have talents in speaking foreign language is the must but, what if MISS NEPAL is not able to communicate properly in her mother tongue?? If she needs to work with underachieved minor groups of society who doesn't understands her bluffs, then how would she present herself to help them?? Pashupati bridhasram ra Maitinepal ma gayera matrai yo kura analyze hudaina. I have worked in various rural or extreme part of nepal like Kalikot where thr average life of people is 35 yrs. Poverty is their culture and illeteracy their fate, can a lady representative work in this situation?? Here, i aint mentioning, to be a miss nepal , a lady must be extra ordinary and sud be multi talented but , to have a crown where thr name of my country is attached, she must know the basics. And, as far as thus post concerned, i can perceive and feel the HURT in some harsh and mannerless comments over here.Seems like some of em' are directly or indirectly attached and involved in organizing or managing MISS NEPAL, this year. But, to em' i can only say, those who cant learn from criticism and always take it as bad, they can never inprove. So, stop being narcissitic and try to extract the good from every criticism. Well, i was not able to comment on facebook of Samriddhi ( dont know why) so pouring my views here. Anyway, i have no intention of hurting anyone via this comment and if that happens, that would just be the ignorance. Thankx!!! GjiVan!!

  21. your blog was quite convincing in highlighting the inside of the miss nepal 2012,so not. oh so sad!that i missed this year show.
    but i dont think its fair to just raise the fingers at the minuses of the event,as you told u had been the part of hidden treasure and the miss nepal as a whole,do you think you did anything or gave some suggestion to the organisers after the event ended,??????????????criticisms always paves for improvement(as it must be positive in ur case),so did you personally told the organisers or not??????????

  22. This very post acts as a representative for how wrath about traumatic management have heated up.Topics like" hoping the stage to be bigger than one's bed" , the crappy performances in between and such toured social sites like twitter.
    And i hope all these criticism are taken in constructive way urging them to improve as least to some extent.
    And as for the winner , she was a shoe-in : )

  23. Nicely Written. I hope the organizers read this, analyse their weaknesses while hosting the event and try to make the next years event much much better and well organised.

    1. They've been doing it for the last 10 to 12 (appx guess) years. If they can't get it right by now then they never will.

  24. Pun? Where's the pun????
    I'm sure you meant sarcasm.
    Grammar police. Lol.

  25. designer of Malina's cloth is Subexya Bhadel...:)

  26. Really nice review and facts.....I'm sure the message will be delivered to the right people, organisations and we will be able to see some improvements in the days to come....

  27. Sahana Slut said "slot" and i was like WTF

  28. very informative article... thanks!

  29. waoo thats so true dude.infact we people should notice such things cz organizing miss nepal paegent is not a joke and its not only about 16 lady but also whole stuffs must be well organized so that we could be proud of creating such a wonderful event management and appreciate the work done by people.very important issue is discussed above really hats off for the writer!

  30. Indeed some of the organizers are gone through this post. As being a professional blogger, i know in every post, positive and negative feedback are obvious and i can even sense the HURT, some of a controversial posts can take and here are some comments which have originated from that perspective!!!

  31. You have spoken the hearts of many Nepalese people all around the world.I liked the way you have put you opinion regarding criticism. There are two types of critics 1. who says mean things just to hurt and 2. who does points out flaws only so it can be corrected the next time.Hopefully the organizers takes this criticism in a positive way.

  32. Dear Sam, regardless of the pathetic comments about ur posts on the topic written above... just dunn care about them... truth is truth...afterall u are smart enough to distinguish between the right and wrong. I felt pity to them who seem nonchalantly outraged just to show that they are right.
    Man, if u do not listen to the people about ur drawbacks then who else will do... so stop being so cunning arseholes that the normal people or personality like Sam should be abandoned... if u have carefully read her blog there is clear evident that she is critisizing just because there are stupid careless mistakes in the biggest event like Ms Nepal. Its high time the so-called socialite or elite should concentrate on the issues.

    And Sam keep up your good works.
    All the best

  33. Very Humorous yet Constructive !! I missed the event yet can really visualize myself through all the mishaps..hehe;) N yeah Kudos to the oraganizers and judges finally for the winning selection rectifying all their errors!
    Finally You blogged very well here in your own conversational style..Keep up the good work!

  34. Hi Samriddhi,

    I did enjoy reading this article which was rich with insider information and constructive criticism. However, I am disappointed to find many grammatical errors in your piece.

    "That crown was her to kiss" - hers
    "hedious"- hideous
    "why does after all this time, do they still muddle up and make an event this respected..."- the construction of the sentence needs revision
    "If youre promising us of a glamorous event then give us one"- us of a?
    "I realy believe its time to pull up your socks"- really

    I think proof-reading in the future is a must for yourself. On that note,I look forward to reading other articles of a higher quality from yourself.

  35. i missed out on this, honestly speaking i didn't know about it at all (i know... sadness) but this was a great update. it was fun going thru the post '...We have one more SLOT to go..' i almost lol'd at office haha...

  36. The crowning music is the theme song from the movie Magnificent Seven and not Star Wars! Many might also know it from Marlboro cigarette ads.

  37. I am a fan of your blogs, and this time you have made me like your blog even more. This one is a bit long, but you kept me glued. You have analysed the event perfectly, and spoken the words that many viewers, like me, must have felt that day.. keep writing!!

  38. Voice of peoples' dissatisfaction . These national shows must be simple and worthy. Thank You for the blog.